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Catching Up Quick Takes

December 31, 2013

1.  It has been forever since I worked on my blog.  I just really have had other priorities and don’t have the time to put into it.  I find myself writing posts in my head sometime that never even make into a rough draft form on the computer.  So, here are a few (or a lot of) quick takes to catch up, especially in case anyone missed anything on Facebook.

2.  Somewhere in the craziness I skipped writing birthday posts for Piper’s 8th birthday (October) and Bailey’s 11th birthday (November).  It’s because I decided I don’t like them anymore lost track of time.  They both had very nice birthdays, going to the zoo and roller skating.

3.  Bailey (11) finished her first season of volleyball.  Her team tied for first place in their division with three other teams, earning the first fifth grade volleyball banner for the gym.  They also won a post-season tournament at a local Catholic high school.  Now, however, we have moved into basketball.  It’s pretty much the same group as the volleyball team, minus two girls who opted not to play.

She was one of three kids in her class to make the A Honor Roll at school.  I wish I could take credit, but I haven’t been helping her with her homework (what little she brings home) at all.  She also completely kicked ass on her ITBS testing (her first foray into standardized testing).  Plus she was chosen to co-host the Grandparents and Veterans program at her school through her involvement with the Forensics Club.

While I still don’t love everything about sending her to regular school, I can see where she has really blossomed through the opportunities it has offered her that I just couldn’t offer her at home.

4.  Piper (8) and I had a bumpy start to our homeschooling year, but things were running pretty smoothly by the end of the semester.  I think the introduction of spelling and sentence writing were a bit of a shock to her system.  I am still finalizing plans for the spring semester, but we will be making some changes.  We got burned out on the map making for geography pretty quickly, so I let it go.  I also want to prepare her for the possibility of joining Bailey at our local parish school.  I’m very up in the air about the idea for a variety of reasons that deserve a whole blog post.

5.  Katie (5) is really coming along with her reading lessons.  She’s doing really well and blending the letter sounds to figure out the word; she just needs to pick up speed.  She finished her kindergarten math about three quarters through the semester, and I was tempted to hold her off on first grade math until after Christmas.  However, she really hated the review workbook I bought, so we just moved on to first grade math.

6.  I started potty training with Sabrina (3) in November.  She did great for about three days, but then she started holding things completely.  She wouldn’t even go in a diaper.  I backed off for a little while, especially since it coincided with out-of-town company.  But then she decided she was ready again and she has been dry ever since.  She’s even gone #2 in the potty a few times.

7.  Cassidy (17 months) is into everything.  She is a major climber.  I started weaning her two days after Christmas, and it’s been a rough transition.  She has just swapped screaming like a banshee for nursing before she goes to sleep.

Otherwise she is as sweet as sweet can be.  She loves all of her sisters so much.  She’s also learned how to give kisses, which are just the best.  The fact that she finds new ways to get into mischief that her older sisters never managed to discover also attests to her advanced intelligence.

8.  Now for something a little more personal…I started private counseling about a year and a half ago.  My life had just become unmanageable, and I really needed help.  I’ve come to realize in recent months that I have struggled most of my life with codependent tendencies, but they really came to a head after I married and had children.  My life had lost all sense of balance, and there was very little joy.  I was not taking responsibility that my basic needs were being met, and I had given up on myself and my dreams.

It’s been a hard struggle coming to terms with certain things, letting go of unrealistic expectations, reassessing my priorities, and learning to deal with my emotions instead of just burying them deep until they would explode all over my family.  It is still a major work in progress, but I’m learning to work the steps of Codependents Anonymous.  This is one of the main reasons I haven’t been blogging in ages.  Getting my shit together has necessarily been a higher priority than blogging, especially with the time constraints of caring for a big family.

9.  Part of my recovery process includes making goals.  This coincides well with the start of the new year.  My #1 goal for 2014 is to get a second van for our family.  We’ve been a one vehicle family for a decade, but I can’t take it anymore.  Only having one vehicle has made it extremely difficult to reach our homeschooling potential as well as causing loads of other stress from time to time.  If I have to beg, borrow, or steal we are getting a “homeschooler-mobile” this year!!

So, until I get around to blogging again…Peace be with you and Happy New Year!!