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Depression is…

March 16, 2014

Depression is….

·          Being tired all of the time.

·          Wondering why the other moms with big families are able to do so much more than you can.

·          Feeling like simple things require more energy and effort than you can expend.

·          Feeling exhausted after doing simple things.

·          Walking around “like a zombie”.

·          Being able to laugh and joke with people for short bursts of time in between bouts of extreme sadness and anger.

·          Saying to yourself at least every other day “I hate my life” even though you know it is full of blessings.

·          Wishing a couple of times a week that God would just strike you down dead because you don’t want to hurt yourself or others but you want the pain to stop.

·          Being afraid to hope for things because you think they’re probably going to be taken away from you before you can get them.

·          Being curled up on the couch for two days and mistakenly thinking they are just “bad” days when you’re really coming down with a terrible cold.

·          Wanting to punch people in the face when they innocently ask you how you are doing.

·         Feeling sick to your stomach a lot of the time and losing your appetite.

·          Begging the people around you to just leave you alone if they can’t or won’t do something to help you.

·          Feeling like if you didn’t have God then you wouldn’t have anyone looking out for you or taking care of you.

·          Taking a little blue pill every night before bed and praying that tomorrow you’ll start to feel a little bit better.