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7 Quick Takes (v. 81): St. Meinrad

May 24, 2014


1.  Last weekend I had the privilege of joining my best friend Kelly at St. Meinrad Archabbey and Seminary in southern Indiana.  I took a few pictures of my time there, but I was too busy experiencing life there to spend a lot of time documenting it.  The location is absolutely gorgeous, and the architecture and art work are amazing.  I strongly encourage you to check out their photo gallery and their Art and Architecture page.

2.  Kelly and I were roomates for two years in college.  Fifteen years after graduation, we were roommates again.  We had to stop ourselves from chitchatting in the darkness all night, just like in the old days.  Instead of going to sleep to the sound of blaring train horns passing our dorm window all night, we got to listen to the monastery bells ringing every fifteen minutes.

3.  I really wish that I could have had one more day at St. Meinrad (and not just to have one more day away from the kids).  I really felt like I didn’t get to do half of the things I would have liked to do.  I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time walking the grounds, especially the woods.  I would have liked to have more time to sit in prayer and meditation and introspection and exploration.  And it is just so beautiful and peaceful there.

4.  One thing that really struck me about my time at St. Meinrad was the spirit of everyone who was there.  There were the monks and the employees of the archabbey.  There were the professors and the lay graduate students.  There were the deacons-in-training on retreat and the other visitors.  Everyone just had this spirit of peace and kindness and respect and humor.  It was like a little taste of heaven.

5.  I spent way too much money between the campus book store and the gift shop.  I also picked up a few used books from the library for a dollar a piece.  I probably spent close to two hours in the huge gift shop debating which wall decorations I wanted to purchase as I prepare to paint and rearrange the whole house and set up a prayer corner.  There’s nothing like a Catholic book store for getting my full Catholic nerd on.

6.  I also had the opportunity to sit in on Kelly’s graduate course about the Apostolic Fathers.  I LOVED it!!  I probably would have gone to every class meeting that weekend if there weren’t other things that I wanted to see and do during my stay.  As a result, I am seriously looking into online programs for getting my M.A. in Theology.  I’m still in a huge period of prayer and discernment for the future, and I feel like a window may have just opened for me.

7.  Yesterday was my 37th birthday.  I felt like the trip to St. Meinrad with Kelly was like an early birthday present.  For the first time in a long time, I am very excited about the prospects of the future. I don’t care that I am approaching forty.  You know the saying “Life begins at 40”?  For me it feels like “Life begins at 37!”  God bless!!