Home Fix Up: Master Bathroom

Four of us moved in to our three-bedroom, three-story town home in June of 2006.  Then we had three more kids in the span of six years.  Then in October of 2011 my mother-in-law moved in with us.  In March of 2014 I filed for divorce from my husband of 14 years, and he moved out.

I was kind of uncertain as to what would happen with our house.  It is underwater, being worth way less than what is owed on the mortgage.  As part of the divorce agreement, though, it was arranged that my ex-husband would keep his name on the mortgage for five years, but then I have to sell or refinance into my own name.  So, for now the kids get the consistency of staying in their own home while dealing with the changes that divorce brings.

It was about a week after the separation that I began to realize that with the kids leaving the house every other weekend to go to their dad’s that I might actually be able to fix the house up.  The idea of painting was something that had just seemed too over-whelming while dealing with 5 young children, a horrible marriage, and crippling depression.  But with the activation of my Zoloft and dropping the burden of trying to stay in the marriage, things suddenly seemed possible.

My first plan of action was to fix up the Master Bathroom.  It had basically been my ex-husband’s private bathroom.  It had an old soaker spa jet tub, whose jets had broken a year or two after we moved in.  I had rarely used them anyway, because mildew and soap scum would always build up in the jets, making bathwater gross enough even before you added the air bubbles.  The toilet had been leaking for a few years, and I had been seeing the effect in our water bills for about a year.  Mildew had basically taken over the whole room, and in the course of eight years almost every fixture (including the gigantic, mirrored medicine cabinet) had fallen off the walls.

Whether we were able to stay in the house or had to sell it, the Master Bathroom had to be partially remodeled.  First I had the toilet replaced.  Then we had to remove the old tub, put in a new tub, and do a tile patch.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to re-tile the entire bathtub area or replace the tile with a new liner.  My handy man also discovered mildew under the floor tiles when he was putting in the tub, so I had to get new peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles.  There was also water damage to one of the walls where the shower curtain had not been closed properly.

Once all of that was done, I scrubbed and painted the walls (Glidden Water Chestnut) and the trim (Glidden Cinnamon Spice).  Then my handy-man returned to finish adding new trim and put up a new mirror, hand-towel ring, and towel hooks.  So, here is the finished product.

Master Bathroom 1

New shower curtain and towel rack.

Master Bathroom 2

New bath tub and tile patch.


Master Bathroom 3

New toilet, rack, mirror, and sink accessories.



New hand towel ring and sink accessories.

New hand towel ring and sink accessories.

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