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Vacation 2015 Travelogue

June 10, 2015

We just got back from spending a week back home in Kentucky.  While some pictures were uploaded to my Facebook account, I found that a lot of the time I was too busy actually having fun to be constantly be messing with my phone, even to take pictures.  These are just some random thoughts and memories that I want to preserve for when I want to look back on our trip.

*Our drive down was pretty smooth.  The weather was great, and there was no construction or wrecks.  I’ve learned to start off with a movie in the van; that instantly gets us about two hours down the road.  We stopped in Indianapolis to visit a friend from college and her family.  The kids stretched their legs on the swing set in the back yard and pop sickles were consumed before we hit the road again.

*The first morning in Kentucky I was sitting on the bench swing in my parents’ back yard and all I could think was that it smelled like “home”.  Then the thought crossed my mind that I was crazy since Louisville is not that exotic or far away from the Chicago suburbs; the air surely couldn’t smell that different.  It wasn’t until I was driving down the main road that runs behind my parents’ house and abuts Iroquois Park that I realized how much the green and loamy smell of the woods permeates the air.

*On a trip to get gas later that first morning I cut through the adjacent neighborhood and was struck by how almost every porch that was big enough included some combination of a porch swing, a glider couch, or rocking chairs.  It’s not something I’ve ever noticed in my current location, and I ended up spending a large portion of my time with my parents sitting on their front porch reading or watching the kids play in the front yard.

*Our townhouse has a paved courtyard with sparse grass but a lot of trees in the front and a large driveway in the back.  We do have a grassy side yard, but we really have to watch for garbage that that been thrown or blown there.  When my kids saw the fresh cut, clean grass of Memaw’s and Papaw’s front yard, they went rolling around in it like they’d never seen grass before.  (And then they itched the rest of the night.  LOL)

*The kids spent 90% of their time at my parents’ house completely barefoot, inside and outside of the house.

*Louisville has really developed the waterfront since I moved away.  Recently they converted an old train bridge into a walking bridge that crosses into southern Indiana.  We took the kids across the Big Four bridge to an ice cream shoppe and candy factory/museum for lunch.  The weather was fair, but the sun beat down on us pretty hard.  So, the kids made full use of the splash pad and playground on the Kentucky side of the bridge.  (And Sabrina has been talking about the stinky, gross “skunk” bathrooms she had to use there for days.)

*We took a trip further out into the state to visit the girls’ paternal great-grandfather (currently 89) “in the middle of nowhere”.  The kids spent a few hours watching humming birds, cardinals, golden finches, and blue jays and chasing butterflies before robbing Grandpa Jack of many of his possessions with his encouragement.

*As a semi-spontaneous side trip (I had researched the possibility but put it up to a vote in the moment) we ended up going to Mammoth Cave and taking the most basic tour (1 hour and 15 minutes).  Piper didn’t believe me when I warned her to bring her jacket even though it was a hot day, so she faced the natural consequences when we entered the 53 degree cave.  Actually, the blast of cold air hits you as soon as you turn the corner for the steps leading down to the entrance.  Cassidy was a little nervous about the whole thing, but all of the other kids thought it was awesome.

*One night I went out to karaoke with my sister for a few hours.  It had been so long since I had drank an alcoholic beverage at a bar that I didn’t even know what to order (the last time I did so they were still selling Zima).  I ended up getting a sex-on-the-beach, a favorite from the summer I turned 21.  The seedy pub near my parents’ house was dead, so we each got to sing four songs.  But there was this 70+ year old woman who started shouting obscenities at anyone who passed her direction (including us) and a host of other seedy south end of Louisville characters, so we cut out after a couple of hours.

*I had to get my Skyline Chili, so I met up with an old friend that I hadn’t had a chance to really hang out with in over 15 years.  Our lives are very different, but I had forgotten how much we always had in common.  I could have spent all day catching up with him and discussing a wide variety of topics if I hadn’t had other obligations.

*Even though my favorite part of Iroquois Park is shut down for renovations (the northern lookout), I took the kids to the new playground and splash pad.  Unlike their previous splash pad experience in the week, this time I had them all in swimsuits.  We used a lot of sun screen on this vacation.

*On our last evening in Louisville my parents had a cookout with family and friends.  It was great catching up with people I hadn’t seen in person in a few years (or as in the case of my best friend from junior high, several years).  Then we presented Sabrina with a cookie cake and sang her an early “Happy Birthday”.

*Scattered storms were predicted for the last day of our trip when we were supposed to go to Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana.  My mom stocked up on ponchos for everyone, but thankfully we only really needed them when we rode the River Rapids ride (7 times!).  Other than some heavy rain on the drive, the day was overcast and moderate.  And the lines were so short, that the attendants would often let you ride repeatedly without getting off.

*At first I balked at the $15 stroller rental, but it turned out to be worth every penny.  It gave us a great place to store our jackets and ponchos when we weren’t using them.  Sometimes we even set our free sodas in them while we were on the family rides.  It was big enough to hold the 4 and 7 year olds together or one passed out toddler.

*Piper had really wanted to ride The Raven roller coaster, but it was closed indefinitely when the park first opened.  So, we went on The Legend instead.  At the first turn after the first gigantic hill, Piper declared that she didn’t ride The Raven or any other roller coaster if we survived this one.  I was in agreement, because I had forgotten how jarring wooden coasters can be.

*I had been a little worried about if I would get motion sick.  It’s been 20 years since I was season pass holder at Kentucky Kingdom.  There were a few rides I made it through once but refused to ride again due to nausea.

*The kids had a blast at Holiday World. Their favorite section was definitely 4th of July (with the Holidog part).  Bailey and Piper (ages 12 and 9) were tall enough to ride everything alone.  Katie (7) was tall enough to ride a lot of things alone, but there were some things she had to have an adult (like the Turkey Whirl).  Sabrina (4) had to have an adult for most things.  There were also a small number of rides that Cassidy (2) could do with an adult.

*By the time we got to the hotel, everyone was tired and getting cranky. I put everyone to bed as soon as possible, including me.  In the morning, we took a quick side trip over to St. Meinrad Archabby.  Even though the kids were ready to go home and a little whiny, I couldn’t resist taking them and my parents over there to see how gorgeous the architecture and natural landscaping is.

*The drive home was long and exhausting.  I made it through on Extra Strength Tylenol and coffee.  A wreck 90 miles out from our home in Illinois and the need for a bathroom break led us to detour from I-65 completely and rejoin I-80 further west.  While everyone really enjoyed the trip, we were all really glad to be home.